Introducing Eddie

A powerful toolkit designed to accelerate and scale development of big data and machine learning pipelines.

EDDiE seamlessly transitions interactive data science to robust production-grade deployment-ready pipelines without any overhead.


Get to Know EDDiE

Every feature in EDDiE is designed to simplify data developers' day-to-day workflow, facilitate collaboration and eliminate overhead in converting interactive analytics to production code.

Unified Interface

Integrates powerful interactive notebook for iterative analytics and an IDE to build, test and maintain real deployable code

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Code/Data Binding

Programmatically binds every piece of Code with its generated Data for traceability and intelligent execution

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Source Control & Branching

Drives team productivity and collaboration by integrating Source Control, Branching and Concurrent editing

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Production Ready

Breaks-down complex analytics pipelines into modules of data transformations and modeling operations

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Environment Management

Handles shared notebooks, code repos, config and operation of dev., QA and production clusters all in one place

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No Vendor Lock-in

Built completely on an open-source tech stack. 'Ready-to-run' code bundles available to be deployed anywhere.

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Stand-alone Version

Download your EDDiE trial
Installation instructions: Linux, OSX

About Us

The DataSense team comprises data scientists, data engineers and software developers based in San Diego and Shanghai. The entire DataSense team has spent better part of the careers delivering cutting-edge big data and advanced analytics based solutions to Fortune 100 enterprises ranging from some of the world's largest telecom, airline, financial services and retail (e-commerce and in-store) clients.

The vision for EDDiE is a direct result of the challenges we ourselves faced as we struggled over the years to build sustainable data analytics pipelines in an agile way. In a nutshell, EDDiE is a dev. tool built for data developers by data developers with one simple goal in mind: to accelerate the transition from building one-off data science experiments to sustainable software-grade data applications.

Our users are hands-on data engineers and scientists. To that end, we've refrained from building a laundry list of extraneous functionality and instead focused on unifying the core development tasks of iterative experimentation and deployable code generation. The outcome is a real improvement in the day-to-day workflow, eliminatation of overhead in converting iterative analytics to deployable code and development of mature, sustainable, software-grade data applications.

We are confident that you will find EDDiE an indispensable tool once you give it a test drive.


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DataSense Analytics, Inc.

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