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Installation Guide for OSX

20 hours ago

Assuming EDDiE(codename Atlas) Mac OS X bundle is downloaded as Atlas_v1.6.x_Darwin.tgz, and untared to folder Atlas_v1.6.x_Darwin.

1. Dependencies

EDDiE depends on:

  • Java (JDK 8)
  • Spark (2.1+, recommend 2.3)
  • Python (2.7.13+) with Jupyter and Pandas

If you don't have above already on the system, please refer post "Installation Guide for Dependencies".

2. Start EDDiE Service

  • Launch service
    $ ./tools/run_atlas.sh --hadoop-conf-dir `pwd`/conf/hadoop
    Note: If you want to restart EDDiE, just Ctrl-C to kill the process and re-run the launch command.

At the first run, EDDiE may need to download some additional Python packages, which need internet connection.

  • Access the Web UI (Chrome is highly recommended)
    User/Password: admin/test
    Note: EDDiE UI uses https instead of http. If the url of EDDiE server does not have a https certificate, the browsers may ask user to confirm for cert-missing the first time you login. You can just ignore it and continue access. Optionaly, if you want to make https secure, you can refer to the post Generate Localhost Certs under resources .

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